Career Exploration at Stone, Grzegorek, and Gonzalez Immigration Law Firm

Thank you to Lincoln Stone and his team at Stone, Grzegorek, and Gonzalez LLC for sharing your time and expertise with our students during our Career Exploration event this week.

Our students were excited about what they learned at the full service immigration law firm. It was clear the legal team taught our students the importance of verbal and written communication, collaboration, teamwork, and attention to detail. 

The reading material students received and the presentations they were given helped students understand the scope of services the firm provides and the legal issues they address surrounding immigration.

Value Schools is grateful to the entire team at Stone, Grzegorek, and Gonzalez for their commitment to our students both this year and in the past!

Opportunities like these provide our students a chance to connect their education with real-world experience. If you would like to discuss creating an exciting, interactive experience for our students, either at our schools or at your business or organization, please contact me at [email protected].