Incredible Summer Internship Experience at Glenair

Last semester, former Value Schools board chair, Don Conlan, introduced Value Schools to Glenair CEO Peter Kaufman. Peter wasted no time in providing our students with some remarkable opportunities. He invited our students to meet former Green Bay Packer, Datone Jones, at the prestigious Anderson School of Business at UCLA. Together they inspired our students to consider impactful careers and meaningful college experiences. Moreover, Peter extended an invitation to our students for Saturday sessions at his Glenair assembly and design center in Arcadia, where they had the opportunity to interact with business-minded undergraduates from prestigious universities like Notre Dame and Columbia. The discussions revolved around the strategies for success in both business and life.
Students learned from professionals throughout the Glenair facilities.

"Participating in Glenair’s internship significantly boosted my interest in the engineering field. Being a part of the environment really inspired me, and gave me insights into Mr. Kaufman’s quote, ‘having something to add and nothing to prove.’  I saw the great environment at Glenair where people are always able to learn from each other."

– Ariana, University Prep Value

His generosity didn't stop there. This summer, eight of our high school students received an exceptional opportunity – a paid internship at Glenair that could truly shape their futures. During the intensive five-day internship, our students explored the intricacies of the products manufactured by Glenair. Their products are created for aerospace, outer space, and sub-sea industries. They supply companies such as Northrup and Boeing and government entities like NASA, the US Navy, and the US Army. Our students were excited to discover that Glenair's products power the robotic arm on the Mars Rover!
Our interns embarked on an eye-opening journey through Glenair's various facilities, from Glendale to Arcadia, Anaheim to Sun Valley. Students gained hands-on experience in designing and manufacturing connectors using 3D printers; they toured testing labs where Glenair products must pass intensive standards to fit the specifications for space craft, jumbo jets, planetary rovers, and submarines. Students culminated the week touring the plating facility in Sun Valley, where many production cycles are completed.
Students learned from Glenair engineers and designers throughout the week.

“I was always interested in the STEM field and the several different positions I saw at Glenair helped open my eyes to what I enjoy the most."

– Axel, Central City Value

Meghan Taylor, the Glenair Intern Coordinator, went above and beyond to equip the students with essential skills. She conducted a captivating resume writing seminar, that made a lasting impression on our students, helping to prepare them for future professional pursuits.

Midway through the internship, the students had the invaluable opportunity to engage with Glenair professionals during a panel discussion. Here, they gleaned insights into the diverse career paths taken by these experts and learned about the importance of networking.

“One important concept I learned from the internship is the importance of networking and how that opens doors and provides opportunities.”

– Axel, Central City Value

Students were exposed to a wide array of professions, including engineering, lab work, R&D, and software development.

“This week at Glenair was amazing.  At the beginning I had a little bit of interest in engineering. But seeing and learning what they do, now I want to learn more about it.”

– Jacqueline, Central City Value

The internship offered a variety of domains and industries – from design to inventory control, 3D printing to manufacturing, and SolidWorks software training to research and development. They even explored sales, supply chain purchasing, and product plating.
As a result of this transformative internship, our students emerged with newfound motivation, commitment, and enthusiasm for their academic pursuits. The experience left an indelible mark, and every single student wholeheartedly agreed that the internship motivated them to work hard at school, and each one recommended this opportunity to their friends.
Students took a bus each day for their GlenAir Internship

"I was definitely inspired to work harder towards my dream career goals."

– Steven, University Prep Value

Glenair’s collaboration with Value Schools has been a resounding success, enabling our students to dream bigger and aim higher in their pursuit of education and career training. The journey towards access and equity in education continues, and we are grateful to Peter Kaufman, Meghan Taylor, and all the engineers and designers at Glenair for offering this experience. We are thankful to Ms. Craven and Ms. Marroquin at Central City Value, and Ms. Lima, Ms. Oh and Ms. Segrero at University Prep Value for their assistance.