Celebrating a Beautiful Year at Value Schools!

Mr. Cambridge is touched by the support as we recognize his exceptional leadership as the Value Schools’ Board Chair. He continues in his role as Chair of the Value Schools Foundation.
Grant Cambridge and Vincent Gonzales, along with a “little help from their friends” at Capital Group, recently completed the fall semester Financial Literacy program. Our students presented their investment plans to a panel of Capital Group associates in the conference room on the 34th floor and reviewed the investments they made throughout the course. One student reflected on their experience by saying, "I enjoy the teachers in the class. They inspire me to participate in enjoyable hypothetical scenarios. I’ve learned about stocks, bonds, the power of compound interest and the value of investing."
Grant and Vince Kids at Financial Literacy final
Financial Literacy participants  
The Value School's Financial Literacy course is designed to alert, inform, and educate students in concepts of personal finance and money management. Students are exposed to concepts related to investing, savings, debt, interest rates, compounding, and basic company analysis.