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English Language Development

Central City Value Students visit local museumPrior to or at the start of each school year, Central City Value identifies each student’s proficiency in the English language and provides developmentally appropriate English Language Development (ELD) instructionto students who may need additional support. Each student’s enrollment package contains a Home Language Survey (HLS) which helps determine if a language other than English is used in the home. The HLS is not used to determine a student’s language classification or immigration status and consists of the following four questions:

  1. What language did the student learn when he or she first began to talk?
  2. What language does this student most frequently use at home?
  3. What language do you use most frequently to speak to this student?
  4. Which language is most often used by the adults at home?

If you have questions about the English Language Development program at Central City Value High School, please reach out with any questions.

Julia Farah was born and raised in the Soviet Union, then Russia. She has been calling the USA home since 1999. Having experienced the corporate America world in the Advertising Sales, PR, and marketing in New York, she got her insights of inside workings at The New York Times as well as lifestyle publications start ups. Having realized her life-long calling to teach and help students in the community, she received her Master's in TESOL from Pace University in NY, and joined the Central City Value High School family in 2018.
Hello, I am currently one of the ELD Aides as well as the Assistant Coach for the Girls Soccer Team. I provide support for EL students in a variety of subjects and hope that with our help they can achieve their goals on graduating from Central CIty and go on to pursue their dreams.
As a CCVHS alumna, I went on to pursue higher education and graduated from UC Irvine with Bachelors of Arts degrees in Psychology and social behavior and Criminology law and society. It brings me great joy to be back in my community helping students learn, grow and prepare for their future. I hope to serve as a resource for students to reach their goals and pursue higher education. It is my honor to witness students’ growth as they reach their personal and academic goals!
Hello! I am currently one of the ELD Aides and the Head Coach of the Girls' Soccer Team at Central City. I provide support in a variety of subjects for our EL Learners to make sure they succeed in the classroom. My goal is to fulfill the needs of our students and ensure they have necessary tools to graduate.

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