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Guidelines and Resources for Students

  • To move to the next grade, students have to pass 62 credits per year and require 230 to graduate.
  • State law requires that students pass A-G requirements and two years of physical education
  • Important Note: Students will not be allowed to participate in graduation without having completed 230 credits by the end of spring. 
  • Student must pass all A-G courses with a C or better.
  • Student must participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Students must take participate in community programs.
Grade Total Credits per School Year Minimum Required for Grade Promotion
9th Grade 62 40
10th Grade 120 105
11th Grade 180 155
12th Grade 230 NA
Students receive 5 credits per CORE class, Advisory and SSR are assigned 1 credit each.

California Career Zone is a great site to research careers, requirements for careers, jobs, search for colleges/universities

Take The California Career Zone Interest Profiler Assessment to see what jobs/careers are good for you based on your likes.

O-Net Online is another great website to search for careers and requirements, apprenticeships.

Roadtrip Nation is another site to take an Interest Profile Assessment in order to see jobs/careers that are related to your likes. It’s powered by Collegeboard so you must register with Collegeboard to access the site.

Volunteer Match is a great way to find a career is by volunteering! You must register in order to access the database. You can search volunteer opportunities by city and state. Great place to start if you are unsure of where to look.

Los Angeles Animal Services gives you the opportunity to volunteer in an Animal Shelter! Click on the link to find out more information and how to apply.

Volunteer at the Los Angeles Zoo! Students in 9th grade and up are eligible to apply.

Interested in becoming a firefighter? Become a LA Firefighter Cadet! 

Join the Los Angeles Police Department Cadets! Check out their website for the application.

Volunteer at the Natural History Museum or La Brea Tar Pits. Sign up here!

Volunteer at the California Science Center! Apply here!

Volunteer at a Los Angeles Public Library.

Volunteer at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Applications open every February for the summer session. Apply here. Must be at least 15 years old.

LA Youth is a great website that lists various opportunities for youth.

Volunteer with the LA County Department of Public Social Services. You must be 16 to apply. Volunteer as a case/office assistant, toy loan outreach volunteer, adopt a family, and special projects.

The Bresee Foundation offers a variety of opportunities for students such as tutoring services, internships, jobs, and much more. Check out their page!

The Carecen Foundation offers great services to the community such as legal advice, community college classes for high school students, college application assistance, and much more. Check out their website!

University of California Admissions requirements

Application for the University of California, (UC Application). Remember all courses need to be completed with a grade of a “C” or better. Only students in 12th grade, seniors, can apply.

California State University Application site (CSU’s). Only students in 12th grade, seniors, can apply.

Los Angeles Community Colleges Information and Webpages.

Common App: Private Colleges/Universities Application. Only students in 12th grade, seniors, can apply.

The Discover Site has a variety of information on colleges, universities, types of financial aid, college application information, college life, college majors, and much more. Check it out!

Petersons offers College Planning Timelines. Check out what you need to do every year you’re in high school in order to be prepared to apply to a college/university your 12th grade year!

Sign up at CollegeBoard for an SAT Exam, practice SAT exams, and view your scores. Must create an account first.

Take a look at CollegeBoard's Big Future, and search for Colleges by major, or search for majors and descriptions. Sign up first with CollegeBoard.

The ACT: Another exam that can be taken in place of the SAT. Register for an exam, find exam dates, and view your scores.

Check out these scholarship support websites


Avoid Scams: Do not apply for scholarships if you see these claims:

  • “We guarantee you will receive a scholarship.”
  • “Buy now or miss your chance.”
  • “You can’t get this information anywhere else.”
  • "Credit card or bank account number required to hold a scholarship.”

FAFSA: Apply for financial aid, at the government and state level. Site for individuals with a Social Security Number and have legal Residency. Only students in 12th grade, seniors, can apply for FAFSA. 

California Student Aide Commission: Apply for financial aid for college. Designed for students who do not have a Social Security Number or are not legal residents. Only students in 12th grade, seniors, can apply for the DREAM ACT. DREAM ACT is not the same as DACA.

Federal Student Aide: Learn about the different types of student financial aid available here. This site is great for ALL grade levels.

California Student Aide Commission: Information on different types of Cal Grants. Cal Grants are given to you in your FAFSA award if you meet the requirements. Check them out!  This site is great for ALL grade levels.

Khan Academy: all subjects

PBS Kids: (for younger children) 

PBS Nova: science documentaries

Quizlet: An app to help create flashcards and study

Zinn Education Project: objective lens on History

Audible is free for the first month, with millions of books

CodeAcademy is a free platform for learning how to code

Fiveable is a modern, engaging resource specifically for AP courses

McGraw Hill virtual textbooks and practice packets for math, science, language arts, and social studies

CK-12 shares free online learning resources including virtual textbooks (FlexBooks), subject videos, and quizzes.

BrainPop offers accessible, engaging lessons for elementary and middle school learners. Topics range from STEM to arts, music, and health

WIN - What I Need App for smartphone- find shelter, food, legal, education, hotlines, assistance for those experiencing homelessness.