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Student Leadership Council

The Leadership Council (LC) at Central City Value High School is a representative structure that provides an opportunity for students to learn how to become leaders in their community.  In realizing their leadership potential, these students will tap into the qualities of integrity, responsibility, and initiative. The students in LC are involved in school affairs and work in partnership with teachers, administrators, and fellow peers for the benefit of the school and its students. Leadership Council contains several students from all grade levels who exemplify our five school values and are exceptional students with outstanding leadership qualities.  These students help bring to light the ideas, interests, and concerns of their fellow peers, giving the student body a voice in their school environment.  Leadership Council is involved in creating an exceptional school by raising funds for school-wide activities, creating social events, promoting school spirit, organizing community projects, giving back to the community by organizing philanthropy events, as well as addressing areas that need school reform.

A few examples of school activities that Leadership Council is involved with include:  Freshman Orientation; Heal the Bay (beach clean-up); Spirit Week; AIDS Walk; school dances; Movember (fundraising for testicular & prostate cancer awareness); Pennies for Patients (fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society); Holiday Bags for the needy; community hikes with students and faculty; the end of the year Sports Banquet; the end of the year Senior Banquet; Olympic Days; and managing the Leadership Table and Students for Safety on a necessary basis.

The Leadership Council Mission Statement

  1. Inspire and Inform CCVHS students, faculty, staff, administration, and general community - We inspire through our actions and inform through our procedures.
  2. Embody and exemplify the Five Values of Central City Value - You will be exemplary students!!!
  3. Create an Exceptional School
  4. To be a leader is to be a servant of the people
  5. It’s about “We” and “Us” - Leadership members must always keep in mind that we exist to serve the greater CCVHS community. We are representatives of our fellow peers, and must conduct ourselves as such.  LC is never about “I” and “me”.  We must always use the terms “we” and “us” when discussing our goals and forward progression for CCVHS events and improvements. This inclusive language also reminds us that we are never alone, and that it is the collective effort of all LC that makes us strong.
  6. Communication is Key - Our goal is to create effective and clear communication between LC, the student body, and the CCVHS faculty/staff. This means LC needs to communicate as often and as clearly as possible through the Daily Bulletin, Advisory, and Community Time announcements, as well as posters, flyers, and word of mouth.